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December 05, 2016 - BRU Cargo figures

**Cargo Figures **
Brussels Airport has seen a difficult start in 2016 for its cargo figures, with a small decline in Q1 compared to last year. Figures saw a sharp decline in Q2 due to the terrorist attacks on March 22nd. As of May, figures started to recover again, especially those volumes transported on full freighter aircraft.
Since August, we are seeing again good overall growth figures of 6 to 8% per month . Full cargo volumes are making up for the loss in belly volumes due lower capacity and less wide body long haul flights. Especially Ethiopian Cargo, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo, Etihad Cargo and Emirates Skycargo are contributing to this growth compared to last year.

October 4, 2016 - Ethiopian Airlines – scheduled commercial flights at BRU

Earlier this year Ethiopian Airlines (ET) Cargo reinstalled their charter flights operation, but now ET also offers scheduled commercial flights out of Brussels Airport to Johannesburg next to Dubai and Hong Kong.

Early July the B-777 freighter aircrafts of Ethiopian Airlines took the first cargo loads from BRUcargo to Johannesburg – South Africa.

For “The new spirit of Africa” opening the new BRU - JNB route could not be more symbolic as both Ethiopian Airlines and Brussels Airport have a very strong link with Africa.

We are very happy Ethiopian Airlines Cargo offers our BRUcargo community main deck capacity, twice-a-week (on Wednesdays and Sundays), operating new B-777 F freighter aircrafts serving South Africa’s capital market.

April 22, 2016 - Situation at Brussels Airport - update 8

The new departures hall at Brussels Airport should be partially open to the public again by the beginning of May.
Approximately 100 of the usual 180 check-in desks will be available again at that moment.
Brussels Airport should become fully operational again at 100 % of its usual capacity by June 2016.

April 12, 2016 - ISO9001 certification for MSE BRU

MSE EUROPE (Brussels Branch) has obtained the ISO9001 certificate.
Also see

April 11, 2016 - Situation at Brussels Airport - update 7

All departing and arriving Brussels Airlines flights are now operated from/to BRU again.
The number of flights operated from/to BRU is now reaching approximately 300.

April 08, 2016 - Situation at Brussels Airport - update 6

Passenger flights have resumed at Brussels Airport.
Iberia (IB 075), Finnair (AY 105), Delta Airlines (DL 006) and other important carriers have resumed flights from/to Brussels on 7th April.
All Nippon Airways (NH 205) has today announced that their direct flights between Brussels and Tokyo will resume on Monday 11th April (NH231 from NRT to BRU and NRT232 from BRU to NRT).
The number of flights operated to/from Brussels is increasing daily.
It will, however, take several more months until Brussels Airport will operate at its full capacity again.
Drastic security measures have been put in place on the roads leading towards the airport and at the airport area itself.

(04 Apr. 2016) Situation at Brussels Airport - update 5

On Sunday 3d April, six Brussels Airlines (SN 082) flights were operated (3 outbound, 3 inbound) as test.
Today, 4th April, approx. 100 flights will departed from or landed at Brussels Airport.

March 25, 2016 - Situation at Brussels Airport - update 4

Brussels Airport’s passenger terminal remains closed until Sunday 27 March included.
Full freighter flights have resumed.
BruCargo (freight terminal) is fully operational.

March 24, 2016 - Situation at Brussels Airport - update 3

Brussels Airport’s passenger terminal remains closed until Sunday 27 March included
Following these attacks, there will be no passenger flights into and out of Brussels Airport until Sunday 27 March included.
Because the forensic investigation is still underway, we currently have no access to the building.
Until Brussels Airport can assess the damage, it remains unclear when passenger flights will resume.
BruCargo (freight terminal) is operating normally. Inbound and outbound cargo movements are not suffering any delays to speak of.

March 23, 2016 - Situation at Brussels Airport - update 2

Please find below update from Brussels Airport authority’s website
(source : :
Brussels Airport remains closed tomorrow Thursday 24th March.
Brussels Airport extends its deepest sympathy to the friends and relatives of the victims of the explosions in the departures hall on Tuesday.
Following these attacks, there will be no passenger flights into nor out of Brussels Airport today and tomorrow Thurday 24 March.
Because the forensic investigation is still underway, we currently have no access to the building.
Until we can assess the damage, it remains unclear when we can resume operations.

(23 Mar. 2016) Situation at Brussels Airport - update 1

Belgian airspace remains closed also today.
The passenger terminal of Brussels Airport (BRU) remains closed.
BruCargo freight terminal is open for truck movements, ground handlers are operational again.
Shipments destined to BRU can be shipped via surrounding airports with those airlines which are feedering their cargo into BRU by road feeder service.
Outbound cargo is processed in the same way.
Delays in cargo movements are avoided or kept to a minimum in this manner.

(22 Mar. 2016) Terrorist attacks at Brussels Airport

Two bombs have exploded at Brussels Airport’s departures terminal shortly after 08:00 am, resulting in many casualties.
Victims are being brought to hospitals in Brussels and surrounding cities and the airport terminal is being evacuated.
Security threat level 4 is imposed on the entire national territory.
Brussels Airport’s freight terminal, better known as “BruCargo” is also sealed off by police. None of the airline handlers are operating.
All inbound and outbound cargo movements are suspended at least until 06:00 am on Wednesday 23d March.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely.
Most of our members of staff are present at the office, do not hesitate to contact us at our usual office numbers should you require further information.

January 27, 2016 - Wood packaging material to Brazil - new documentary regulations

Dear Customer,

We inform that starting February 1st, 2016 (date of BL), under recent legislation published by MAPA, Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento IN 32, available at

It becomes mandatory reporting shipments containing wood as packaging material and shoring, therefore all Shipping Instructions of import, export, transhipment and transit (pass) cargoes to/from Brazil, must contain the following:

  • Wooden Package : Not applicable (Not used)
  • Wooden Package used : Processed
  • Wooden Package used : Treated / Certified
  • Wooden Package used : Not Treated / Not Certified

Exporter/Importer is the responsible party to provide such information to Carrier you’re your Shipping Instruction does not contain such information, it will be automatically considered that there is no wooden package inside of the container(s) mentioned on the B/L. Therefore, any consequences due to the lack of correct information will automatically involve the customer’s exclusive responsibility.

For more details related to this regulation:

Brazilian regulation, Portaria SDA no 47, 20/April/2012, is available on the website of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture yours

International Regulation of Wood Packaging Material, ISPM No 15, is available in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations –
FAO website

Sincerely yours,


(01 Jul. 2015) All Nippon Airways to operate direct flights from/to BRU - NRT as of 2015 winter schedule

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